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Beast, Tekamine and Deburgh top ten current bangers

Beast top ten Big n Bashy anthems

1. Smoking a blunt – Chuck E

“Do you remember when we used to chill back when? Smoking a blunt and sipping on a Heiniken?” No but I wish I did. This ’94 jungle roller is all about the vocal sample that comes in half way through.

2. Worries in the dance – New Blood
All time classic from the man the legend DJ Ron

3. The Stopper – Cutty Ranks (Morphy and 9 Tails Fox Remix)
A devastating tune and guaranteed to get an extra 10 minutes party if played as the last tune seeing as its remixed by our very own

4. Incredile Bass – Oasis
Handel’s Water Music on pills (good ones, mind)

5. In Effect - DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
Hardcore jungle bizness.

6. RIP – Remarc (Original / Hype or Remarc Remix)
There’s so many awesome Remarc tunes that it’s hard to choose just one. This is probably his most famous one though. The king of the amen sample is a true pioneer of the scene and he always delivers. When the bass drops on both the Hype and Remarc remixes, it usually makes someone do a little bit of poo in their pants.

7. Bastards – Red Light
“Keep jumpin ya bastards.” If you hear this, you know you’re having a reet good time……..ya Northern cunts

8. The Seed – Kemet Crew
A call to battle for all the junglist soldiers.

9. Screwface – Brainkillers
Bangin tune. On my leaving party I vaguely remember mixing this with the Fine Young Cannibals – Good Thing.

10. Sweet Harmony – (Naughty Naughty 6)
’93 Hardcore Jungle Remix of the famous Liquid tune. Way better than the pish watered down version you hear on Radio1.

Well, there you go. Go and buy em and learn all the words and then we can have a sing song !

Tekamine top ten bangers

1. Spooky - Murderer [Oil Gang]
2. Jammer ft. Boy Better Know - 10 Man Roll [Big Dada]
3. Taz Buckfaster - Robogrime [Numbers]
4. Ginz + Boabinga - The Good Stank [Build]
5. SRC - Gold Coinz [Numbers]
6. Pah jé -- FMonster (TRiLLBASS Roots &Culture Rmx) [Free Doonload]
7. Michael Foreshaw - Turn Around Touch The Ground [Coin Operated]
8. Borgore - Nympho [Buygore]
9. SRC - Lemsip (Mr.Mitch rmx) [Free Doonload]
10.Hatcha - Dirtee Tek [Special Branch]

Deburgh top ten bangers

1. D Double E + DJ Swerve - Street Fighter Riddim - (Dirtee Stank promo)
One of the best mcs right now and has been for years, its good to hear an official release from him on a solo dolo tip. Out 25th July go get that.

2. Jammer feat Newham Generals + Lickle J - Bad Mind People - (Big Dada)
This one first got heard like 2 years back, over Skeptas classic Reggae intrumental this has the best chorus i have heard for a while. Makes me burst into song bigtime when i hear this.

3. Tempa T - Boy Off Da Ting  - (No Hats No Hoods promo)
Oh shit, Tempa T does it AGAIN, if u thought Next Hype was good, wait till u hear this. Over 2009s most banging Grime beat (Silencers dirtbag) this one oozes energy and makes u jump around and shout BOY BOY BOY BOY at the top of your voice.

4. Taz Buckfaster - Gold Tooth Grin - (Numbers promo)
Glasgows dubstep keys master brings us a slice of soul so smooth they named a dental procedure after it. Gives me shivers when i play this over the Messenger.

5. Swindle - Airmiles vocal feat Skibadee (dub)
The beat for this one was a bangers, Swindles techno / dubstep / grime crossover "Airmiles" gets the vocal treatment from one of the best mcs of all time who comes and sticks some goodness over it and hey presto it gets even better.

6. Joker - Tron - (Kapsize)
If u dont know this one and u listen to dubstep / grime where have u been for the pat 8 months, been out for a few months now but still sounding fresh and big and probably will in 5 years time, Joker can do no wrong at the moment.

7. Killa P + Rossi B + Luca - Police Ar Come Run - (Planet Mu)
Big funky / grime beat gets vocalled by yardie sounding mc Killa P (Roll Deep) who tells us a story about being chased by the polis in his thick patois flow, this one is chock full of energy.

8. Guido - Mad Sax - (Punch Drunk)
Bristols Guido gets mad soulful with a saxophone with this head nodder from his new album

9. Mr Mitch - Silk Sheets - (dub)
New kid on the block, Mr Mitch has got crazy key playing skills as this one bubbles away in a nice funky key fashion then lets rip with some harder vibes making him one to watch.

10. Teddy / Silencer - Ren and Stimpy - (Underground Unit)
Out recently on the Ghanaian Fire cd this one is the standout beat from the CD with mad stuttery samples and Silencers classic jump up grime sound. Cant wait for a good mc to vocal this one.

Deburgh latest mix click here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D Double E - Street fighter riddim
Benga- Little Bits
Magnetic Man - I Need Air
 Gemmy- Maroon chant
Jammer - Bad_Mind_People_(feat_Lickle_J___Newham_Generals)
Rachet- Hyper Dimention
9 Milli Major - Rude Boy Ting (Prod. J Beatz)
Joker - Tron
D Double - Wooo Riddim (Prod. S-X)
Tempa T- Boy Off Da Ting
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam VIP
P Money + Sukh Knight- Slang Like This
Terror Danjah - Power Grid
P Money-sweet_shop vocal
Rude Kid - Screwdriver
Teddy- House Party (Spooky's Remix) FINAL
Chase & Status - Heavy feat. Dizzee Rascal
Gemmy - Rusty Tin final
Mizz Bratt - Selectah
Benga- Stop Watching
SDUK- Clunge
Newham Generals - Im a general
Guido- Mad Sax